Our Products

Ma Ga’s products are satisfied with relevant Quality Control and Assurance system. In-house design team and  quality control team work together and set production specifications. Our production Specifications shall  meet to  international specifications and  local requirements. All Ma Ga’s products are  tested and  satisfied by  total quality control system. Only qualified products shall be issued to our valued customers.

Production Quality Control

Geometric checking  of  moulds  are carried out  according to approve specification, prepared by in-house  design  teams. Quality control  teams check  the tension  of  pre-stressed  steel wires  by using of  tensionometer. Then  mix the concrete with quality raw material for casting  into the  moulds.

Curing  compounds  are  applied  when concrete became final setting. Stressed steel wires are cut when concrete strength achieve to 30 MPa. Transporting the  concrete  products are  allowed  when concrete  strength achieve   35  MPa.

Concrete   products   are systematically   sampled  and   tested  in  government   laboratories. Prestressed hollow concrete  poles  are  tested  in  laboratory  owned  by  Ministry  of   Electricity (2). Prestressed  concrete  beams  and  slabs  are  tested  in Yangon  Technological  University.

Quality control  team  checks  and  tests  systematically on  production and  raw  material, batch by  batch. Only quality approved  products  are  supplied  to  our  valued  customers.


The cements are tested with British Standard 12  and only  approved cements are  used for our products.

High Tensile Steel Wire

Application of  high tensile  steel wire in precast concrete products are not common  in Myanmar. Ma  Ga  uses  the  steel  wires  with  the  yield  strength  more  than 1600  MPa. The steel shall  be  hot  rolled and  low  relaxation.

Over reflection  due  to relaxation of  steel  are very common in Myanmar. Ma Ga takes note on this matter and improves our products quality  to avoid  those.

Coarse and Fine Aggregate

Fine and  coarse  aggregates  are  tested  by  British  Standard (812) . Ma Ga only  uses  the  aggregates  of  which  qualities  meet  British  Standard  812’s  requirements.

Construction Chemicals

Ma Ga uses concrete admixture designed specially by poly carbonxylate base which is 3rd generation  chemicals. In some  products, Ma Ga uses polymer  reinforced system and increase flexural  strength. Those products shall  be suitable  in seismic risk area and higher wind  loading  risk  area. Our in-house  chemical  deparment  design  and  fomulate  construction  chemicals  especially  for precast concrete  products.