About Us

Maga Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  was established in July 2004 and registered as a Manufacturing company in accordance with the Myanmar business and administration law.The Ma Ga Manufacturing  Co., Ltd  was formed  by oversea trained technicians and Myanmar business men. Our vision of the company is Application of Advanced Technologies in local methodology. We can supply quality products with locally affordable costs.

Since the establishment, the company has been seeking the advanced technologies, which could be modified into local methodologies. Then the company introduced many advanced technologies related to prestressed and precast concrete products.Due to increase of demand in advanced technology in Myanmar, in recent years, Ma Ga Manufacturing Co.,Ltd seeks advanced technologies which can be applied in Myanmar instantly. Thus  Ma Ga will open a new technical and business chapter in 2011-12.

In 2004-2005 Ma Ga produced 5000 piece of hollow core concrete poles annually.Due to higher demands, Ma Ga extended her production capacity of 30,000 pieces per year in 2009-2010 year.

At present, Ma Ga produces and supplies pre-stressed precast concrete products from (4) factories throughout Myanmar. Two factories located in Yangon which is business hub of Myanmar.
A factory is located in Bagan / Nyaung Oo (Middle of Myanmar). The last factory is located in Shan State (East of Myanmar). Ma Ga intends to extend production lines in other parts of Myanmar where the demands are expected. Addition to extension of  production lines, MA Ga intends to extend type of  precast concrete products.


Myanmar is a developing country and needs advanced technologies for further development in many sectors. Ma Ga  intends to serve as a  bridge between  local sectors and  advanced  technologies available in overseas.

At present days, Ma Ga  has been concentrating in prestressed precast concrete  products. Ma Ga believes that Ma Ga will supply quality concrete products to our valued customers with low cost. By doing so, we could serve to improve the living standards of our nation people. In future, Ma Ga intends to participate in infrastructure development projects and financial development works in Myanmar.